One of the prettiest waterfronts in Canada, Nanaimo is a classic west coast community with natural beauty abounds at every turn. Famous for its varied landscapes and more than two dozen parks, the city of Nanaimo is an ever evolving hub that services both the commercial and recreational needs of business and tourism.

This rapidly-growing harbour community at the centre of Vancouver Island located 111 km north of Victoria is a perfect place for a family vacation, a year-round golf getaway, or a romantic weekend.


Nanaimo’s historical beginnings saw it as a trading post in the early 19th century. During a period of exploration it was discovered that coal was plentiful in the area, and so Nanaimo became known for exporting coal.

As the third oldest city in British Columbia, Nanaimo (which translates to “a great mighty people”) has a rich history evident in the still-standing buildings in the town. The Bastion is a fortified tower built on the waterfront in 1853 and is North America’s oldest remaining structure of its type.


Like much of the coastal Pacific Northwest, Nanaimo experiences a temperate climate with mild, rainy winters and cool, dry summers. The weather conditions in Nanaimo make it an ideal place for year-round recreational outdoor activities in a beautiful natural environment.


The pristine beaches, inland lakes, and surrounding mountain forests make for a backdrop of endless activity for residents and visitors. Water activities abound in this port town that boasts one of the longest shorelines in Canada. Swimming, sailing, fishing, boating and scuba diving are popular in Nanaimo. Mountain bikers, hikers and joggers will revel in Westwood Lake’s 6 mile trail and the marvelous mountain forests.

Nanaimo’s island coastal setting makes it an inviting place for a rainforest hike or a swim in a river canyon. There are also several great ocean swimming and snorkeling spots along the city’s waterfront, including Departure Bay, Neck Point, Jack Point, and Snake Island. For the more adventurous types, there are activities such as bungee jumping, zip-lining, and ATV-ing.

The ocean floor just outside Nanaimo Harbour calls to divers, the area home to three artificial diving reefs made from sunken ships, including the retired Canadian Supply Ship HMCS Cape Breton, the largest upright man-made diving reef in the world.

The summer celebrations in Nanaimo are abundant with some key events like the annual Marine Festival, as well as the World Championship Bathtub Race, a tradition since 1967.


Nanaimo is characterised by a number of smaller areas which boast a wide range of home styles. The trend points toward greater development within the ever expanding Nanaimo, with the city happily catering to this growth.

Departure Bay features some stunning ocean-side property, such as refurbished old homes and brand new condos. The ocean and mountain views along the shoreline and bluffs are incomparable. Over at Brechin Hill there are some more beautiful homes that overlook Departure Bay and Newcastle Island, with a few parks and schools located in the area. New properties in Cedar / Yellow Point and Chase are emerging while it maintains a country vibe. The community lifestyle his highly prevalent in these areas and there is a great appreciation for the outdoors and natural surrounds.


The real estate in Nanaimo is vast and varied, offering urban-style living, unique architecture and waterfront homes in all sizes. The amenities are widely available in this family-friendly city, a great place to settle down in or enjoy a vacation.

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