A message from Glen

Row of homes

2021 is filled with hope and a positive outlook. To do my part I have decided to no longer have any Social Media associated with my business or personal life.

Mediums such as Facebook are great instruments for connecting in ways for grandparents seeing the grandkids, communication with family who live far away and all the good things. What I have noticed over the past 4 or 5 years is the hateful and damage being done in the world through these same social mediums.

I no longer want anyone sending me or posting into my business Facebook or Twitter, such foolish and harmful messages as the vaccines being harmful, the virus is a hoax or the one I cannot ever forgive Trumpian people for is stating that the 26 kids killed by a gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School was staged by actors.

A few days ago, I was shocked and disappointed to see how many of my realtor colleagues were promoting anti-vaccination messages, so I began to defriend these realtors, however they were in the several hundreds so realized it is easier to shut them out of my life and business.

This cannot continue or the world we will live in tomorrow will not be one we can have trust in.

Let us look forward to a positive future without fake news and people only wanting to create havoc and harm.


Glen McPherson