Viewing a house? You need this 14 step checklist.

Posted on November 2nd, 2016 at 10:10 pm


The relator showing you what could be your new home is trying to get as many viewings packed into one day as he or she can. Make sure you don’t find yourself being rushed out before you have a chance to collect all the information you need! This handy 14 step checklist will help you fairly compare the dozens of homes you’ll see on your search through Nanaimo, Parksville, and Qualicum Beach.

1)The neighbourhood.   Do you like the location of:

  • Shopping
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Recreation
  • Noise making venues (clubs, concert grounds, etc.)


2) Cell phone, TV, and Internet coverage.

  • Does the phone work in every room of the house?
  • Will the local internet speeds be high enough for your anticipated use? (This is very important if you work from home.)

3) Floors.

  • Are the floors in good condition?
  • Will the floors meet your needs? (no carpets, or no expensive hardwood with small children, etc.)

4) Ceiling and walls.

  • Are there any cracks, stains, or discolouration that would indicate the presence of water?

5) Windows.

  • Does every window open?
  • Do the windows have screens?
  • Will you need to upgrade your windows to improve insulation? (Look for water damage or dead insects. Windows that leak often have both nearby.)

6) Bathrooms and kitchen.

  • Is there any sign of moisture around faucets and toilets?
  • Are the showers or tubs well sealed?
  • Do the toilets stop running after they are flushed?
  • Do the appliances work?
  • Are the appliances modern enough to get parts should anything go wrong?
  • Do the floors squeak? (Sometimes a sign of moisture damage.)

7) Layout.

  • Will the room sizes fit your furniture properly?
  • Do you have enough room for the future?

8) Stairs.

  • Do any of the staircases creak?
  • Are the banisters solid?
  • Are their any rugs or carpeting that may need to be replaced? If so, what is underneath?
  • Have you checked under the stairs for any cracking or water damage?

9) Doors.

  • Do all the doors close (and stay closed) easily? (Doors that don’t close properly can indicate a house that is crooked.)

10) Heating, plumbing, and electrical. It’s important to hire a professional to take a look at these things, but while you’re going through the home you can check:

  • How modern the heating system is.
  • How modern the fuse box and fuses are. (This is a good indication of the state of the wiring you can’t see.)
  • How modern the plumbing is. Make sure to look for any condensation on the pipes, and for any water damage where the pipes meet the floor.

11) Roof.

  •  Is there any sagging?
  • Are there (or were there) any trees close to the house? (This can lead to rodents in the attic and mould damage under the shingles.)
  • Are there signs of discolouration around the eves?
  • Are there any signs of rot?

12) Foundation, driveway, and pool.

  • Are there any signs of cracking or settlement?

13) Exterior walls.

  • Is there any sign of water leakage? (Usually chipping, peeling, or ‘puffing’ where the siding is pulling away from the house.)
  • How modern is the siding?
  • Can the exterior walls be painted?

14) Patio, deck, and landscaping.

  •  How much work needs to be done on these external features? (This can add up quickly.)


Happy house hunting! Kelsey McPherson