Staging Like a Pro: How to get your home photo ready. By Kelsey McPherson

Posted on February 25th, 2017 at 8:30 pm


First impressions are everything, and the same goes in the world of real estate. For a long time, the old standard for ensuring your home made a good first impression was by maximizing curb appeal. Nowadays, with the majority of today’s buyers using the internet to search for homes, having great pictures of your space can make all the difference.

Photos are one of the most effective marketing tools to make a lasting first impression and incite buyers to come check it out in person. Our team at McPherson Group takes great pride in our high-end marketing materials, and our marketing specialists are experts at making your home look its best. However, taking a great photo isn’t just about a simple ‘point and shoot’. In fact, there are a number of other different staging techniques to consider that can help get your home ready for its closeup.

While deep cleaning the whole house from top-to-bottom is a given, you’ll also want your space to appear tidy, bright and welcoming – both inside and out.

Here are some more staging tips to prepare your home for photo day.


  • Open all blinds and other window treatments
  • Make the beds
  • Remove personal knick-knacks or photographs
  • Declutter and organize any items inside the pantry, cupboards and closets
  • Use high watt bulbs to make each space look brighter
  • Remove small floor rugs to show off the floor
  • Clear off all countertops
  • Rearrange furniture to maximize visual floor space
  • Place all shoes and jackets inside closets
  • Hide any unsightly objects like garbage cans
  • Put toilet seat lids down
  • Use a lint roller on furniture to remove pet hair


  • Remove cars from the driveway and from the front of the home
  • Landscape the yard (mow, trim shrubs, clear leaves)
  • Clean up any cobwebs from eaves and door frames
  • Remove toys, pet waste or gardening tools
  • Sweep all walkways, patios, porches and decks
  • Add a few flowers for a splash of colour

Kelsey McPherson