Our Marketing

Selling your home is one thing; however, professionally marketing your home to maximize its market value is quite another. We take a multi-media approach to market your home with a growing emphasis on the Internet. In fact, over 90% of home sales in our region and across the country originate from online sources.

With this in mind, The McPherson Group takes pride in its leadership role in online marketing strategy and execution.

Each listing receives an unrivaled web presence displayed on dozens of Real Estate oriented websites. In addition we use the following tools to market your home effectively:

Social Media

The McPherson Group knows that social media has a tremendous amount of power in the real estate market. Therefore, we have become experts in using social media as an effective tool to interact with potential clients.

Google PPC

Google PPC (PayPerClick) is another invaluable tool to generate traffic to our website and attract the attention of ideal prospects. It allows us to access valuable information regarding what a potential client wants and needs and what they are searching for on Google.

Bing/Yahoo Network PPC

While Google PPC dominates the field, The McPherson Group has not overlooked Bing/Yahoo Network PPC to create a competitive edge over our competitors.

Direct Mail

The McPherson Group uses direct mail marketing to provide a wealth of information about your property specifically geared toward specific home buyers based on demographics such as household income, age, household size, and profession.

Email Marketing

We also take advantage of email marketing to send out your fully displayed home listing to thousands of buyers on a regular basis.

Individual Listing Pages

The McPherson Group manages each property by creating customized individual listing pages that are easily accessible and features detailed information about each listing, a photo gallery with interior and exterior pictures, direct links to a virtual tour, a mortgage calculator and map, along with broker/agent contact information.


The McPherson Group has mastered search engine optimization (SEO) creating value for our clients and highlighting our unique knowledge of the Canadian real estate market. That includes researching competitive key words and publishing quality content vital to getting traffic and leads that will help sell your home.

Royal LePage Home Magazine

The Royal LePage Home Magazine is a premium real estate publication that features articles embracing Canadian style, local culinary tastes, travel and design alongside listing ads from across the country. Everything from interior design to beautiful destinations to a sample of Royal LePage’s top-tier listed property inventory are included. This marketing tool is especially effective in featuring high-end homes.

Print Media

In addition to all the tools listed below, our listings are also presented in the local Real Estate Guide.

The McPherson Group has dozens of reciprocal agreements with Real Estate professionals throughout Vancouver Island. With these value-added partnerships, we can offer you unprecedented web exposure for your home, reaching potential buyers across North America and around the world.

Our partnerships include:

Royal LePage

Our association with Royal LePage gives us the backing of one of the country’s largest real estate brokerage firms with offices in every province, coast to coast. That translates into over 13,000 agents in 600 locations. The benefit of the wide reach that Royal LePage enjoys is evident in the results we produce.

At the heart of Royal LePage’s continued success is the company’s ability to attract top-quality Realtors. Today, it is Canada’s most respected and enduring real estate brand and has been operating since 1913. Royal LePage has set the standard for all other companies that followed, making it a true leader in the field. Their company is dedicated to the continuing growth and education of its agents, which is why it is not a surprise that they have the most productive agents in the country. They have an extensive referral network and they are the most active agents in the local area. In addition, we take advantage of Islands Best Homes as our destination for Royal LePage listings on Vancouver Island.